Privacy Policy

The en world group (“en world”) acknowledges that it has an important duty as a business enterprise to protect the personal information of every person who provides it with such personal information. en world will make every effort to protect such personal information through the safe and secure handling thereof in accordance with this Privacy Policy as well as the laws and regulations applicable to personal information, and their related guidelines.

Scope of Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy will apply to the following en world group entities (“Group Entities”). The personal information collected by any Group Entity may be shared with and jointly utilized by the Group Entities, and en world may share personal information with the Group Entities.

The Group Entities, including en world Japan K.K., have established a system that conforms to the standards provided by laws and regulations. en world Japan K.K. has executed mutual confidentiality agreements with the other Group Entities.

en world Japan K.K. (based in Japan)

en world Recruitment (Thailand) Co. Ltd. (based in Bangkok, Thailand)             

en world Australia Pty. Ltd. (based in Australia)

en world Singapore Pte. Ltd. (based in Singapore)             

Navigos Search (based in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)

New Era India Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. (based in India)

Definition of Personal Information

“Personal information” means the information of a living individual containing (i) the name, date of birth and any other description or detail by which a specific individual can be identified (including information that can be easily cross-referenced and thereby identify a specific individual), or (ii) an individual identification code (any character, letter, number, symbol or other code prescribed by laws and regulations by which a specific individual can be identified, e.g., driver’s license number).

Collection and Management of Personal Information

en world collects personal information only to the extent necessary for the purposes of use listed in Section 3 below, and only from the principal directly, third parties with the consent of the principal, or by other fair and appropriate means (*1). For sensitive personal information, such as race, medical history, criminal record, etc., en world will not obtain such personal information unless it is directly collected with the consent of the principal or prescribed by laws and regulations. en world has established sufficient information management systems, database management procedures, and takes appropriate and required safety measures to protect against the risk of unauthorized access to the personal information obtained as well as the risk of loss, leakage, destruction, tampering, etc., of such personal information. en world has also established systems to ensure the secure traceability of access to personal information.

Purposes of Use of Personal Information

en world uses personal information for the following:

  • appropriate recruitment and worker dispatching services for job seekers and outsourcing services particularly in the areas of IT, recruitment and administrative processes (collectively called “Our Services”), where en world performs candidate registration and job matching, and provides recruitment information and information to companies seeking workers.

  • any service related to Our Services including: questionnaires on opinions and feedback to improve Our Services; notices about seminars, events, campaigns and Our Services; statistical processing of profiles of registrants to analyze and understand market trends; provision of appropriate responses to inquiries, complaints and consultations; work related to ensuring the secure traceability of the transfer of personal information with third parties; and other related services.

  • recruitment and employment management operations for the employees of en world.

If any personal information is to be used outside the scope of the above purposes, then en world shall notify the registrants in writing or by any alternative means, and proceed only after obtaining their prior consent.

The personal information of the registrants will not be disclosed or provided to companies seeking workers or any third party without the permission of the registrants, except in cases prescribed by laws and regulations.

Sharing of Personal Information

en world may share and jointly utilize the personal information with the Group Entities and its parent company to the extent necessary for the purposes defined in Section 3.

The following items of personal information will be subject to shared use:

Name, gender, age, address, telephone number, fax number, email address, name of company (organization), title, educational background, work history and other personal information obtained in order to provide Our Services.

en world Japan K.K. is responsible for the management of personal information.

* The Group Entities to which en world may share the personal information are subject to change, and you hereby agree to any such change. Please find the latest information at the website of en world provided in Section 6 below.


en world may outsource the handling of personal information for its business such as mailing, statistical processing to analyze and understand market trends, etc., in the course of providing Our Services and running our employment management operations. en world will select outsourcing companies under strict conditions that guarantee that they maintain sufficient standards in privacy protection. All outsourcing companies will sign a confidentiality agreement before they start providing their services and en world will supervise them appropriately to secure the safe management of personal information.

Change, Disclosure, Correction and Deletion of Personal Information

en world strives to keep the personal information accurate and up-to-date at all times. With respect to changing, disclosing, correcting and/or deleting any personal information entrusted to en world, or in case of any questions regarding such personal information, the principal should contact a the person in charge described below and/or a consultant. en world will take the necessary procedures accordingly only if it can confirm that the requester is the principal (if en world makes any corrections or deletions, en world will notify the principal in a reasonable and appropriate manner).

en world Japan K.K.    

“Personal Information Contact Desk, Sales Support Team”

12F Tokyo Square Garden, 3-1-1, Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0031

Tel : +81 3-4578-3500 

Fax: +81 3-6214-3023

en world will not return documents provided to it in order to receive Our Services to either the registrants or any third party under any circumstances. en world may remove the personal information of registrants from its files without obtaining prior consent if it determines that such information no longer needs to be kept.

Changes in the Privacy Policy

en world reserves the right to amend, change and/or add to this Privacy Policy without obtaining prior consent from the registrants when any clarification is deemed necessary. In such event, the registrants will be notified by en world of the changes through postings on its website and/or through other appropriate means. By using Our Services after such changes have been notified by such means, the registrants are deemed to have agreed to the changes in the Privacy Policy.

(*1) Introductions based on sources of information that are open to the public (company information, business information, business information, various specialized magazines, books, the Internet, etc.) as well as information and activities made available by the market networks of active people in various industries.

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