Professional Contract Employment

Managing talent in an uncertain world

In a fast-changing environment it pays to stay flexible. That’s true of both companies and individuals. Long-term permanent employment is no longer always the best way to put highly skilled and experienced people together with the organizations that need them.

But staffing for non-permanent managerial and specialist positions presents a host of challenges, from sourcing candidates to managing staff for the duration of their employment term.

That’s where en world Contract Professionals can help.

We specialize in providing contract and fixed-term staffing for the highest levels of skilled and bilingual talent – talent unavailable at temp agencies. We empower organizations with a new degree of flexibility, free from headcount constraints and costly long-term commitments. We can make the difference that means success.

When to consider contract staffing

Not every staffing solution requires an increase in head count. Professional contract staffing can be your most cost-effective solution especially for fixed-term projects, temporary and interim replacements, and urgent staffing requirements.

Circumstances where non-permanent staffing offers particular advantages:

EmergenciesSudden departures or job openings
Leave systemCovering temporary or childcare leave
Special skillsProjects requiring specific language ability or advanced technical skills
Full-time hiring gapsFull-time candidate unavailable or assessment desired before hiring full-time
Headcount restrictionsStaffing needs exceed budgeted resources
Time-specific projectsAd-hoc and special projects such as system implementation or organizational reform projects

Why choose en world Contract Professionals

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en world Contract Professionals offers the advantages of non-permanent staffing at the highest levels of global talent. To meet a growing need for on-demand managers and specialists, we work closely with clients to select bilingual people who are experienced, skilled and ready to go to work immediately. Our network of talent in a broad range of industry and functional specialties allows us to fill positions quickly, often with talent unavailable elsewhere. And as part of Japan’s leading provider of talent management services, we have the contacts and insider knowledge to get results.

Contract Professionals are part of en world’s Total Talent Engagement services. We support clients before, during and after each placement. For non-permanent staffing as well as permanent employment, our goal is to help organizations build stable, beneficial employment relationships that empower success.

Setting the stage for success

Every client has different needs, many requiring flexible, tailor-made staffing solutions. Before filling a position, we consult with clients on long-term staffing strategies as well the most suitable hiring solution for immediate requirements. We can also advise on regulatory issues that may impact contracting and hiring decisions.​

The best talent for job

Positions often open up suddenly and require a prompt response. Our streamlined processes and extensive talent database allow us to offer both high quality placements and quick turnaround, even for hard-to-get senior talent.

Success after placement

Our consultants stay in touch with both clients and placed staff well after they have been dispatched. Our goal is to keep employment relations working smoothly and to solve any problems before they happen. We even offer continuing education of workers through the en college service provided by en Japan.


Closed for business as of October 2019.